Step One: Gather, collect, identify and find the bridge from focus-on-self to seeing more clearly

Step Two: How do you react? Watching the dance between thought and feeling and where our experience gets trapped

Step Three: Understanding who we are without telling stressful or false stories, and living our turnarounds

Q&A included in each step, from two different live groups. 

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  • What is wrong?

  • Allowing, Collecting, Gathering + The Bridge

  • Defining Rightness and Finding One Situation

  • BONUS: Judge Your Neighbor Guided Meditation: Get your pen and paper

  • Q&A Step 1 Part 1: Identify, Collect, Gather

  • Q&A Step 1 Part 2: Identify, Collect, Gather

  • Becoming "the same as" our thoughts--identity

  • Shame, Fear and letting it all be

  • Q&A Step 2 Part 1: How we react, becoming identified

  • Q&A Step 2 Part 2: How we react + become identified

  • Entering the Don't Know mind

  • Finding our turnarounds to "wrong"

  • Living our turnarounds

  • The turnaround to #6

  • Q&A Step 3 Part 1: noticing our living turnarounds

  • Q&A Step 3 Part 2: noticing our living turnaronds

  • BONUS: Meeting your Compassionate Advisor