Join Grace to walk through the entire process of The Work from finding a situation to address, writing your Judge Your Neighbor worksheet, to answering the four questions and finding turnarounds. 

Let's do The Work! 

Perfect for beginners wanting to walk through the process OR experienced who want to be guided so they don't miss anything and slow the experience down of deep investigation. 

  • 8 Videos

  • 0 Quizzes

  • 1 Worksheet

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  • Welcome Video + Two Documents to Download

  • Find a Situation and Fill Out the Judge Your Neighbor worksheet

  • Answer Questions One, Two and Three

  • Answer Question Four: Who would you be without....?

  • Finding the Turnarounds

  • How do you want things to change? A big concern revealed.

  • Continuing with "shoulds" and "needs" and addressing #5 on the JYN

  • The Turnaround to #6

  • Final Lesson

  • Downloadable Summary in Writing of these Steps