Summer Camp for The Mind 2021

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Thank you ever so much for joining the wonderful summer camp virtual program, where your body stays put, but your mind goes to camp. The requested range for contribution from the heart is $150 - $500. A typical one-hour simple course online of this nature is generally $25+. Someone who attends 3 calls per week might calculate $75/week to enroll or $450 total for camp.

To choose your amount, please click the QUANTITY box and scroll to the QUANTITY amount you are choosing to contribute. For example, if you are enrolling in Summer Camp for $400, then you would scroll to the number 400 in the Quantity section and select it. Check to see the total matches the number you've chosen in dollars.

Make sure you've given your accurate email as it is the primary way we'll reach you to get you on board. Love and thanks for your enrollment and participation. We can't wait to do The Work with you.

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Summer Camp For The Mind 2020 is a six week program starting Monday July 20 and ending Friday August 28th. Daily inquiry for a true summer vacation. Private forum, partner pairing, sharing community.

If you are fairly new to The Work, or are eager to meet with Grace, you are welcome to a solo session at a reduced fee. 


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