Spring Retreat 2021 Online

Join Grace and friends to do The Work for Spring Cleaning of our inner turmoil. Answer four questions and find turnarounds, and feel the new buds of clarity and peace. Everyone is welcome. All online!


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If you're wanting help getting started, get questions answered now, or begin to enter the inquiry most important to you as you prepare for this retreat, please accept this lower-fee solo session, to be scheduled any time online with Grace

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To sign up for this retreat, the suggested offering is $60 per segment minimum (there are 4 segments in total): Thursday March 25, Friday March 26, Saturday March 27 (only 90 mins, bonus session for everyone participating in any part of the retreat), and Sunday March 28. Each session on Thurs/Friday/Sunday is 3.5 hours. 9am PT-12:30pm PT. You are welcome to contribute more if it feels right--it helps so much in replacing the 4-day spring retreat normally held in person. You are welcome to contribute less if you are unable to pay more. No one turned away for lack of funds. A normal 3-hour mini retreat solo session with Grace is $375.

How to make your contribution: enter the amount you'd like to pay in the QUANTITY box. The corresponding dollars will match the number you enter there.

For example, If you are attending the first session, then we suggest at least 60 in the QUANTITY box for your payment (for a fee of $60)

If you are attending the first two sessions, then we suggest entering at least 120 in the QUANTITY box for your payment. (for a fee of $120)

If you are attending the whole retreat, then we suggest you enter a minimum of 180 in the QUANTITY box for your payment (for a fee of $180). 

Everyone attending the whole retreat will have the option to partner pair with people in between live sessions (you'll arrange the best timing for you with your partner). You will also have Saturday morning 90 mins pen zoom call from 8-9:30am Pacific Time. Everyone who wants to is invited to an online "dance" on Saturday from 10:15-Noon Pacific Time that Grace holds every week year-round for movement and inquiry without words. 

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