Instant Access Mini Workshop: Self-Inquiry for Eating

An explanation of each step in The Work of Byron Katie when it comes to food and eating, so you can follow, practice and understand exactly how to identify and question toxic beliefs around food.

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.Join Grace Bell, Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, to combine in 3-steps the experience of off-balance eating and The Work of Byron Katie--a method of deep self-inquiry that supports dissolving worry, cravings, frustration and disappointment. You will receive immediate access to the workshop to watch and learn online. 


Part 1: Welcoming the very first step in seeing moments of compulsive behavior with new eyes


Part 2: Dining on Inquiry--the fearful beliefs that fuel off-balance eating and how to relax with inquiry


Part 3: Identifying your living turnaround so you can practice a new experience of peace at your very next meal


Included in the course is a downloadable file with a collection of beliefs commonly fueling compulsive behavior--for both you or your clients


Also included is a guided video with Grace to fill out a Judge Your Neighbor worksheet on a difficult moment with eating


Peace may be closer than you *think*.


This workshop will support you in working with one moment in time: when craving comes to visit. If you can see more clearly with one moment of craving, this can begin to turn the "craving" ship around.


“I didn’t quit drinking; I did 'The Work', and drinking, drugs, compulsive eating, smoking, anger, depression, sorrow, fear, all quit me. In my experience, the ultimate addiction is the mind’s addiction to what it is believing—the unquestioned thoughts that create and safeguard its system of denial. To question the mind is to bring the mind to sanity and alignment with a power greater and kinder than I could give a name to.”  Byron Katie


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