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Eating Peace Basics online course is for those experiencing eating battles and/or troubles with weight & body image. We use The Work (self-inquiry) to address the root cause: our troubling thoughts.

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There is something vitally important about rediscovering your inner eating peace. It can change not only your relationship with food, and the relationship you have with your body, but your relationship with people, money, all the feelings that rise and fall in our interior world, all the events you encounter, and life itself.

Since eating gives us life and offers us energy and union with reality, it is profoundly important to find the freedom we've been seeking.

You will have access to 8 sessions of live video recordings with a small group of participants who their honest experiences as we The Work on eating, bodies, feelings and the key topics below that affect so many peoples' suffering with food.

In addition to these recorded live sessions, there are lessons inside each unit for how to further practice challenging your beliefs on each particular topic and story, exercises to assist you knocking down the walls between you and peace, and music to listen to that assists in helping you shift your core feeling (or vibrating energy, woowoo as that sounds) from powerless to inspired or restful.

The topics covered and the exercises provided in Eating Peace Basics, Eating Peace Mind will give you key options for exploring your experience of food, how you eat, urges, concepts about weight, our relationship to people, situations and life itself. These 8 topics address the deeply embedded thoughts that keep us aggravated with food, and how to do The Work on it all and move from suffering to peace.

Watch 8 live 90 minute sessions for each topic with students with different eating issues: over-weight, endless dieting, health concerns, obsessive thinking about food, binge-eating, restrictive eating. Students applied to be a part of the program and agreed to be recorded.

Support within every module for understanding the material and questioning your thinking, for peace

Eating Peace meditations for your journey: for craving, shame, during an eating trance, after you've blown it

BONUS: support for parents worried about their children's eating, weight or food behaviors

LIVE Facebook support inside the private Eating Peace facebook group. Links will be sent separately to current students for joining the discussion and asking your questions.

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Nicole Walters

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I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for this amazing class. I am really just blown away by the knowledge and compassion you held for us. Your class is life-changing and I am so grateful.

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