When we've experienced trouble with a certain aspect of life, like eating, and this activity or aspect of life is required for life itself....it can feel very upsetting. More thinking happens. We wonder why, how, when it all went wrong. We feel we are to blame. 

A compulsion arises to DO the behavior, the mind is shouting to get the food and avoid the food, and we're engulfed in the trance. We follow it or fight it or work to control it. Is there any true peace in this situation, on this topic, in this experience? 

Join Grace in discovering three simple steps to eating peace, all offered in a two-hour workshop.

Also included are Frequently Asked Questions. 

We can make friends with our own minds. Let's begin!

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  • Lesson One: The spirit of "welcome" has power

  • Lesson Two: what is actually happening when we're afraid? thoughts, feelings, assumptions

  • Lesson Three: what story am I telling?

  • Lesson Four: the true gift of fear

  • Lesson 1: Spells and the Order of Creation, How Impulse-Eating Happens

  • Lesson 2: Situations to look at, identifying thought, Judge Your Neighbor worksheet

  • Lesson 3: Questions one, two and three "I need to change" or "I need to keep this the same".

  • Lesson 4: Question Four who would you be? Watching the flow of mind without fear

  • BONUS: filling out the JYN on an eating moment

  • Lesson 1: Living Our Turnarounds

  • Q&A after Welcome Part 1

  • Q&A after Welcome Part 1-B

  • Q&A after Dining on Inquiry Part 2

  • Q&A after Living Turnarounds Part 3

  • A few final comments and how to make this a living practice and reality in your life